Santa Cruz Syndicate - a few words from Rob Roskopp

With The Syndicate’s first win of the DH UCI World Cup kicking the season off to a great start and the team looking forward to the next round in Italy at Vale di Sole, I-MTB grabbed a few quick words from Rob Roskopp about the start to the this year, why on Fox and anything else that seemed to be interesting…

Greg got off to a great start how does that make you feel as team owner?

Winning is always better than not winning, so with that said, the Syndicate has started off the new year with a big bang. We’re looking forward to a really close fight for the overall title this year. I think we’ll see one of the most exciting seasons ever!

Why the switch to Fox for the Syndicate?

We’ve had a solid relationship over the years with Fox, so it made sence for the Syndicate to be part of that relationship too. Fox puts out some of the top products in the industry. When racing at the level of the Syndicate you need the best support possible……

Whats next in the world of mountain biking how do you see for example AM and electro bikes developing?

There is a lot of energy with Enduro racing. I feel its great for the sport as a racer/enthusiast, but Downhill will always be the pinnacle of racing in our sport. Electric bikes would be cheating with regards to competition, but they could be fun to play around with.

On a personal note, what’s your favourite thing to ride at the moment?

The majority of my rides are XC, mainly due to time and availability. I love to get on the DH bike when I can……

Do you still skate?

I haven’t skated in some years now. I occasionally take my son to the local skatepark…….I try to spend most of my freetime riding the bike or with the family.

Thanks Rob.


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