Santa Cruz Syndicate’s Rob Roskopp - Video Interview

Rob Roskopp visited us for a few days in Tuscany at the Bandite Trail Area and the Massa Marittima Trail Area, to ride some Enduro trails and have some fun. However after having the owner of the world renowned Santa Cruz Syndicate Team and one of the lead thinkers in mountain biking with us, we couldn’t let him escape without discussing mountain biking today and other difficult questions, including what he thought of Enduro, The UCI, DH racing and Cedric Gracia’s recent serious crash plus 650B. All in all a great few days.

Rob took time to talk to one of his resellers and explain the Tall Boy LT concept and how it is one of the best bikes Santa Cruz has made in his opinion, diversification in products seems to be the key with rob saying all the elements must work together to have a great product.

Rob discussing the Tall Boy LT concept with Alessandro Bagnoli.

Whilst showing Rob around we went to a few fun places on the trails, but were constantly reminded to stay calm, as he still had a few days to go before the World Cup in France and needed to be there, not in hospital.

The Gap at the top of the canyon, but the aim for the ride was to “Not get hurt.” So we avoid it for the moment.

Ready to go down the trails.

Rob is always interested, here he is checking out an alternative setup on another bike.

The pump track at Massa Vecchia.

Rob was particularly interested in the electric flyer bikes and thought it was a great idea, however I don’t think we will be seeing an electric Santa Cruz for a while…

Trying to convince Rob that we like electric bikes…with Fillipo Pezzi.


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