Scott Spark E-Bike – Euro bike 2013

Scott has been hard at work using is technical know how to produce this, pills the Spark E-bike. based on the Spark chassis a motor has been added and what has to be said is a very nice looking bike. Finally it seems the manufacturers get that an E-Bike should not look like a cross country bike and should adopt this more comfortable format. Not as extreme as the previously demonstrated Cube Stereo, allergist this bike though should be a worthy trail extending contender.

Same latest generation Bosch motor for the 120mm Scott Spark

The motor system is reliable and somewhat interchangeable it seems with other bike company bikes as they all adopt the same frame shape for mounting the motor.

Normal gear changing with Shimano XT.

E-Bikes have caused a minor storm with some people not calling it proper biking. However the largest bike market in Europe is buying them, and the future of a specialist part of the sport does involve this method of getting around, the fact that it makes accessibility to trails and wilderness greater is an almost sure guarantee that E-bikes will be a success in the long term.

Stand Scott bar and stem setup should give the rider a good control layout.

The bike feels like a normal trail orientated bike and has all the right points to make this a truly useable bike off road. The bar setup is wide and comfortable and any Enduro ride will be instantly at home on this bike.

Bike has great lines including a color co-ordinated battery pack and a Fox 34 fork.

The fork is a CTD with remote for lock out. At 120mm the bike works great with the 27.5″ wheels. It would be good if Scott could push the travel up to the Cube standard of 140 mm or even further. A Scott LT electric bike with 170mm would be something that would be verging on complete freedom and an ability to cover vast amounts more of trails in an outing.

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