Shaun Palmer Action Sports God - Interview

A while ago I-MTB was at a motocross race and a friend said said, “Oh you should talk to Shaun Palmer, he is standing over there by his truck getting ready…” In our minds was, “Who is Shaun Palmer?”  At the time we had zero knowledge on who he was or what he did, the fact he was one of the greatest action sports stars of all time evaded us. He was a little hostile to have a journalist disturbing his time, but who wouldn’t be if someone starts annoying you and asking questions. When we wandered over and were met by a slightly reluctant grumpy face with a look that said, “Dont come and ask me questions,” We kept going and asked questions anyway, probably risking being hated…

Short Photo Story

Shaun not looking super friendly.

Shaun talking to Jeremy McGrath on the start.

Shaun on the gas.

Shaun’s pit area.


A long while later we realised who he was, here is the completely un-educated (at the time) interview I-MTB did with him.

What follows is limited due to our poor knowledge but he was cool. We also didn’t know he was a mountain biking god and didn’t ask anything about that! The mistakes we make at work! Well here are ours.  A lesson in life, do lots of research, before you ask the questions.

Where are you from and what do you do,

Im Shaun Palmer im from south lake, Tahoe and im a snow boarder….

What are you doing at Day in the Dirt?

Its a fun motocross race close to thanks giving, I get in a little better shape before the World Cup season starts for snow boarding.

Are you still riding at the top level?

World cup is the top level, not slowing down at that, motorcross just gets you fit. I love motorcross it is my favourite sport. You learn a lot of timing and how to move on a bike, especially timing the back sides of jumps.

Whats your snow discipline, for people like me… the un-educated?

Boarder cross. Its like motocross on snow.

When you prepare for racing in different sports do you do the same things?

When you ride motocross professionally you have to ride all the time, snow boarding is the same if you want to race.

How many years you been snow boarding?

27 years or something…

Wow! How old are you?


Wow! Im impressed…. hows your passion for sports over all those years?

For me motocross is my choice as it’s the best.

Thanks !

Thank you, right on!

Shaun of course is an all-rounder and is very fast on a DH bike as well, think of all the questions that could have been asked if we had known at the time….

Video Profile

There is no doubt in our minds that everything in this video is probably true…

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