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Silverfield Open Day – Punta Ala

purchase Ivermectin Finally after a long tantalising wait the Silverfield luxury camping concept is installed and ready to go on PuntAla camping resort.  Aimed at all types of clients including bikers the accommodation follows a theme that is associated with the location in Tuscany. PuntAla Camping Resorted hosted a special open day recently so people could see up close for the first time the new concept. It was highly appreciated and a first for Italian coastal luxury camping.

The glamorous camping epitaph is  maintained with smart open plan interior design and a modern feel outside. One of the Best features of the whole project is the fact that the accommodation disappears into the wood as the reflective finish almost acts like a cloaking device, herbal respecting the environment and maintaining a minimalist visual impact whilst remaining appealing.

For details on the new accommodation style and reserving a stay please look at the site below.


The incredible finish of the trailers is that they blend into the background.


With deck and furniture the overall finish is comfort.


People were fascinated with the concept, cough a first for Italy.


A modern interior can be seen that follows a theme.


Despite being fixed these trailers are possible to be repositioned at will.


The concept is clear luxury camping.


The interiors are open plan layout that follow a theme.


One end of the space is a double bed.


Teh other end is a comfortable seating area.


Facilities are divided off by curtains in a modern take and it was deemed the best way to maximise space.


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