Super Enduro Pro 2 Map and Opinion.

So it is here almost…. the Super Enduro Pro 2.

The Map


Yes it is long, symptoms | 57 km total, but you get to ride the coolest trails in Tuscany, thumb Especially PS 2. In comparison to the PRO 1, 3 weeks before, the climbing is certainly less painful with only one 450 metre climb not 4… although yes the climb to the start of PS2 is a hard one, sorting the winners from the losers. The transfer home though for a time check is easy. PS 1, 3, and 4 are also close to one another and the transfer from PS 3 to PS 4 is easy with a gentle climb around the hill. The final PS 4 gives amazing views and a really cool trail and a sweet finish right by the beach. Panorama will be the word of the weekend, with spectacular views along the whole route.

Bike Setup

When pedalling riders will be riding for the most part on gravel roads. So tyre choice should be for the trails. In our experience unless it rains a lot (which is very unlikely) the best choice of tyre is a Minion up front and a High Roller on the back. The trails are fast and not muddy. Even if it rains the trails stay dry so no mud tyres needed. The ground is mostly dry and compact, some soft parts and on PS2 rocky.

Ps2 will pose some interesting choices for suspension setup, it is best to have as much travel as possible to smooth out the lines and gain speed, it is rough and rock for half of the trail. In our experience a shock setup of 30 percent sag front and rear will do well for the whole race, and help you on PS2.

Chain setup is important so if you are running 1×10 go for 11-36 with 32 up front. If running 2 x10 then go for 11-36 with 20-22 and a 34 or 36. Like this you will have enough for the downs and be able to pedal up.

Dropper posts are highly recommended and will give you extra pedalling speed on one or two sections on PS 1 and PS 3. Bars of 760mm highly recommended.

The risk of pinching is quite low on the PS 1, 3, 4. However on PS2 you will need a good pressure as some rocks are sharp.

This race is all about lines, there are very few artificial jumps, this race is really about nature man and machine. Go fast have fun, see you here hopefully a few days before the race.

Contact us for trail practice or anything else in the next weeks.

Where to stay up next…

More info also here at superenduromtb.com







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