Update! Super Enduro Trails Confirmed…

The first event of the year at Punta Ala, takes place on the 5/6 May 2012. The trails to be used in the 2012 event are confirmed.

They will be - 30A, The Sentinel, The Guardian and M&M.

2012 Walkthrough Videos.

First video to be released is The Sentinel. We rode through it fairly slowly to give a good view and edited it down a bit…

Update 3rd of April…The Guardian.

Update 4th April…30A The Pro Trail.

This Video is a long one… The trail is long and here the edit shows 90 percent of it. We rode it at a fairly easy going pace and it was tiring. At race speed this trail is around 7-9 mins and is very tough. The drop is around 450 metres.

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