SuperEnduro PRO 2 Punta Ala 2012

The first event of the year at Punta Ala, takes place on the 5/6 May 2012. The trails to be used in the 2012 event are confirmed.

Prologo here.

They will be - Rock-Oh, The Sentinel, The Guardian and M&M.

2012 Walk through Videos.

PS1 The Guardian

A new trail just finished, really nice flow, lots of drops and corners…

PS2 Rock-Oh

This Video is a long one… The trail is long and here the edit shows 90 percent of it. We rode it at a fairly easy going speed and it was difficult and tiring. At race speed this trail is around 7-9 mins and is very tough. The drop is around 450 metres.

PS-3 M&M

PS-4 The Sentinel 

We rode through it fairly slowly to give a good view and edited it down a bit…

2011 Video

2012 Track details are now here

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The Map


Yes it is long, 57 km total, but you get to ride the coolest trails in Tuscany, Especially PS 2. In comparison to the PRO 1, 3 weeks before, the climbing is certainly less painful with only one 450 metre climb not 4… although yes the climb to the start of PS2 is a hard one, sorting the winners from the losers. The transfer home though for a time check is easy. PS 1, 3, and 4 are also close to one another and the transfer from PS 3 to PS 4 is easy with a gentle climb around the hill. The final PS 4 gives amazing views and a really cool trail and a sweet finish right by the beach. Panorama will be the word of the weekend, with spectacular views along the whole route.

You can also follow updates on Super Enduro Mtb

The Bandite Bike Park trail area looking west to Elba and Corsica.

Event running from: 5-6 May 2012

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