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I-MTB is designed to give people and riders general information on the trail areas in the Maremma area of Tuscany and where to stay. The trail areas are free for the public to access.

I-MTB website is an information service only and may use cookies, by browsing this site users agree to accept cookies.

I-MTB takes no responsibility for any loss or damage or injury associated with mountain biking in this area. I-MTB recommends that anyone wishing to ride does so within their limits and that of the conditions around them. I-MTB also recommends to ride in groups and with an approved qualified guide.

The services provided are done so by the individual businesses highlighted here on the site. Contact information has been provided to those businesses that are responsible and provide those services.

The editorial content is based upon opinions of independent writers and testers and I-MTB can not be held responsible if you disagree with the opinions and information contained within the relevant section of the site. I-MTB strives where possible to have all information correct on the day of publication. If there are any omissions or corrections please contact us.

The trail information and maps although detailed are only designed to give you an indication of what you can find. The trails vary in length and difficulty, and it is recommended to have a qualified guide.

At no point should one ride without being in a medically fit state to do so. I-MTB takes no responsibility for anyone who becomes injured or in poor health due to activity, accident or technical failure on the trails.

For emergency contact please always refer to the professional emergency services. Persons should ensure they have the appropriate insurance and coverage to take part in sporting activities.

Emergency numbers:

Caribineri: 112
Ambulance: 118
Fire: 115

I-MTB is an online MTB magazine and trail areas operator based in Tuscany, Italy

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