MTB Trail Difficulty: difficult

Bandite trail area trail #12

The Sentinel

This trail starts on the top of Poggio Sentinella and drops down to trail number 3 and the beach, it is a wooded flowing trail.

Trail Video and Highlights

Trail Description

This trail is a new trail and has just been completed with a start point on top of the hills looking over the bay of Punta Ala.

The trail starts by dropping away into the woods immediately and you encounter a fairly steep technical section and soft top section.

The trail then passes onto a fire break for about 200 metres before a steep drop on the right into the lower part of the trail.

The Lower part of the trail is flowing and has views through the trees over the bay, it drops fairly quickly and you can gain a good rythm as the trail winds through the woods which has some roots and some rocky bits.

The last part widens slightly and you can gain good speed towards the finish.

The finish of the trail drops you down onto trail number 3, you will finish this trail with hot brakes and a really good feeling from the steep incline and flowing nature with small compressions.

Date last maintained:  2 April 2012

MTB trail within the Bandite trail area

Tours this trail is featured on:  Cala Violina Mix,

This trail can be described as:  flowing, steep_in_places, technical

2.00 stars as rated by 8 riders

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