MTB Trail Difficulty: easy

Bandite trail area trail #1

Trail 1

An easy flowing trail suitable for all. Trail 1 is divided into 2 parts, the coastal part is a fire trail, but the true bike trail goes from Podere Carpineta up close to Camping Puntala to Podere Laschetti next to the Parking for Cala Violina, through the woods.

Trail Video and Highlights

This trail is more of a level undulating trail with no significant uphills or downhills. There are many small drop downs to do with flowing curves and a varied surface where it is possible to skid the bike around corners, also there are some smallish roots and changes in levels.

This is a classic training run that is used frequently and allows riders to test bike setup characteristics. It is fun for all types of bike, from enduro to cross country, and every rider can find their line on this trail that gives them the most fun.

This would be our test track for Enduro riding and gives us a good understanding of rider and bike setup basics. It also leads to many other tracks and can be used to get to other parts of the trail area. It is around 3.2 km in total length and forms part of many different tours.

When test days are taking place this trail is used to give all riders a point of reference and allows fair comparison of various bikes where it is possible to feel the differences.

This trail is suitable for all types of riders and levels, including families and older children. It gives a great riding sensation to all.

Date last maintained:  1 February 2012

MTB trail within the Bandite trail area

Tours this trail is featured on:  Bike Test Tour,

This trail can be described as:  easy, flowing, packed, rolling, smooth_riding, test_ride

3.00 stars as rated by 7 riders

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