MTB Trail Difficulty: intermediate

Bandite trail area trail #11

Trail 11

This trail drops you down to the sea with some amazing views.

Trail Video and Highlights

Trail Description

Used often for the Super Enduro Pro events, cheap it is a fairly short trail that starts off from half way along trail 3.

The start is fast and hard packed with a short rocky section down to where the trail turns right.

From here the trail passes through the woods, with curves and flowing movements possible.

The trail about halfway finishes briefly under a fire watch tower. You then go left and then right and renter the woods for a fast drop down with a few curves before a short climb up.

From this point on it is a rapid descent with some fast flowing curves where you can pedal before you get to the last technical section.

This part gives impressive views as you drop down to the right then left.

This part of the trail needs some patience to do smoothly with confidence but once at the bottom the trail emerges on the cliff road that goes back to Cala Violina with amazing Views of the sea and bays.

Date last maintained:  24 February 2012

MTB trail within the Bandite trail area

Tours this trail is featured on:  Single and Easy,

This trail can be described as:  fast, packed, rocky, steep_in_places

4.00 stars as rated by 5 riders

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