MTB Trail Difficulty: difficult

Bandite trail area trail #16

Trail 16 and 17

This is one of the two conjoined trails 16 and 17 that descend from the area around Monte di Muro. Together with number 24. This trail is different and fun.

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Trail Description

On the trail map near Poggio Gattolina the first part (17) finishes at a fire break opening in the woods after passing along a stretch with impressive views over the bay below.

At a certain point you see a small hill, 50 metres after this the trail 16 starts. The first part is a succession of corners some close together others separated by small straights. After a short flat section starts the technical part, with a drop away to the right steeply downwards in a channel.

This is a particular part because there are points where you can make a lot of speed, symptoms but you must pay attention as you can arrive too fast at the technical steep sections which are off camber.

After the drops the trail speeds up.

After a very gentle climb, the trail continues to drop away over a few rocks where you arrive at a junction.

The varied surface downwards tests rider control skills.

Here you should turn right, but paying attention, as the trail is very fast from this point on up until a sharp left turn that you must take under control.

The trail then continues at a new pace downwards with some rocks and banked curves. At the very end the trail joins gravel road number 18.

This is a particularly nice fast trail overall with some excellent technical sections.

Date last maintained:  24 February 2012

MTB trail within the Bandite trail area

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This trail can be described as:  fast, formed, steep, steep_in_places, varied

3.00 stars as rated by 3 riders

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