MTB Trail Difficulty: intermediate

Bandite trail area trail #21

Trail 21

A fluid trail, denture possible to be ridden by all levels, a hard packed trail for the most part, medstore with some rocky stretches, with no difficult sections.

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It is possible to ride this with most types of bike, even with XC in the higher saddle position, this trail allows a few KM of flow.

The trail starts from the top near Poggio Gattolina on gravel track number 20. The first part is fast, with curves that can be interpreted according to rider style.

Following on the trail slows somewhat and a succession of hairpin turns, before arriving at a faster part again followed by hairpin turns.

The surface is hard packed and allows multiple interpretations of the best lines.

After a certain point, there is a double curve and a crossing of a small stream, the trail rises gently up and the trail widens out, turning into a forest road.

This is fast and fun with a few curves that can be taken at the limit of the skill of the rider.

When you leave the forest near the olive grove you take a left turn towards the gravel road then right on 30b on a forest road in the area around the restaurant Val Molina.

This trail is around 3 km in length.

Date last maintained:  1 February 2012

MTB trail within the Bandite trail area

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This trail can be described as:  fast, flowing, formed, medium, packed, rocky

4.00 stars as rated by 3 riders

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