MTB Trail Difficulty: intermediate

Bandite trail area trail #24

Trail 24

At the end of this trail you will high five your friends and say, “wow!”

Video and Trail Highlights

Trail Description

This trail is one of the trails most tried. The steep climb to get it is also nice.

At the start is flowing with a technical stretch after halfway. With a final fast section where you pedal and cross over a stream at least 10 times.

The first part is well worn with a few steep parts and lots of rocky bits, but nothing too difficult. Even non experts will find this fun as there are also many curves.

There is a flat part next, 60mg where pedalling maintains speed, before arriving at a technical part. The trail is well worn and never too difficult, passing through technical intense rocky sections.

It is not impossible and if you know how to do it, you get through it simply, you must just be patient and try a few times.

After this the trail widens and is faster. You need to pedal a bit to maintain speed, pay attention in this area as there are probably walkers around.

The trail finishes at the gate near “Fosso al Leccione.”

Date last maintained:  23 February 2012

MTB trail within the Bandite trail area

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This trail can be described as:  flowing, varied

3.00 stars as rated by 3 riders

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