MTB Trail Difficulty: easy

Bandite trail area trail #3

Trail 3

Number 3 is a single track that is best ridden anti clockwise, and is the only one with particularly level characteristics.

Trail Description.

It is a continuos gentle up and down rolling trail, which changes level but is barely perceptible. One curve after another, it has to be pedalled and is  interesting.

The trail makes a ring around the hills Poggio la Guardia and  Poggio Sentinella, the two hills above Cala Violina, the beach. A little bit longer than 6 km with around 100 metres of altitude changes.

The more you do this trail the more you will like it. For years this trail has been used passing all through all the various technical developments in MTB.

You can make this trail at any speed you like, and play with the sides of the trail using the land form for small jumps and banked curves.

The inside landward trail is smoother and the level changes are less accentuated. The coastal side of the trail is more varied and has two or three smallish climbs.

The surface on this side is more stoney and the level changes are more significant for fun riding, but in the most part the trail is downwards here.

On this part you have access to other trails 10, and 7 its also leads to 11 from 7 which is a fast ride down to the beach.

You may meet other bikers on this trail so pay attention on blind corners.

Date last maintained:  29 February 2012

MTB trail within the Bandite trail area

Tours this trail is featured on:  Single and Easy,

This trail can be described as:  easy, flowing, rolling, smooth_riding

3.85 stars as rated by 20 riders

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