MTB Trail Difficulty: intermediate

Bandite trail area trail #36

Trail 36

This is the fastest trail in the Bandite Bike trail area, denture you need to confidence to go full speed in certain sections.

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The trail has stretches that are very fast and well ridden, vialis 40mg with technical parts and sinuous curves.

Years ago this was used as a downhill trail for a competition, the bikes used at the time did not have the same performance as those of today.

There are easy parts with a small incline and there are parts which have lots of rocks. It is good to check out the trail before going full speed.

The middle has a fast stretch, before taking on a slow S that is not difficult, then refinding your speed again before another technical section that is a little bit longer.

There are also a few stretches where you can jump the bike and a few parabolic curves, and an easy long rock base stretch.

Following this is a part of slalom between rocks, and a stretch that climbs up briefly where you pass an olive grove before taking the last part down.

A channel cut in the rock that is fast windy, selective and fun. The trail finishes on a tarmac road 500 metres from the Castle of Scarlino.

Date last maintained:  17 February 2012

MTB trail within the Bandite trail area

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This trail can be described as:  fast, technical

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