MTB Trail Difficulty: easy

Bandite trail area trail #43

Trail 43

This is one of the easiest trails in the trail area. This has been classed as an enduro track, but it does not mean it is not fun for more expert bikers.

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Trail Description

The expert riders frequently try this trail as it is fun with flow and skidding possible.It is part of gravel road number 42, decease and rises up towards Case di Cesi, at a certain point you find a space where cut wood is stored, on the left you will find the trail.

It is characterised by a uniform change of level, with a few smallish steep parts. It has curves on after another and it is possible to maintain speed.

It is possible to jump at certain points.

Overall a trail for all, without notable difficulty or danger, fun for all. The trail finishes on the road Strada di Fondovalle, next to the climb 47 towards Tirli.

Date last maintained:  24 February 2012

MTB trail within the Bandite trail area

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This trail can be described as:  easy, fast, flowing, rolling, smooth_riding

3.88 stars as rated by 8 riders

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