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Bandite trail area trail #44

Trail 44

“For half of the trail you need a Downhill bike, for the other half you need an Enduro Bike…” This was a comment by a rider who was trying the track during a SuperEnduro event.

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Trail Description

With respect to this the trail has many different characteristics. In some parts it is the most technical trail of the bike park area, with the rider having to float the bike in some parts and “dance,” it between the rocks.

Overall it is varied with alternate stretches of fast, slow, and beaten lines. There are curves that take a natural parabolic shape and make the rider instinctively take the fast line.

The first part is fast and rough in places until reaching a short drop off section where the rider can take one of two alternate routes. From here starts a technical part covered in hard packed stones, leading to an impressive gully formed through rock. Here is a good place to practice various lines to find your best speed.

Following here the trail finds more speed with a further altitude drop down, and a natural form to the trail that allows some serious cornering using the flow of the trail.

At a certain point there is a short gentle climb up, before being relaunched down the successive tract.

With fast curves where you can pedal to maintain speed, the trail continues to drop down with carved sections and natural changes of direction, the last part is very fast.

Approaching the finish the trail is fast.

At this point riders would expect to feel tired and it is important to concentrate to maintain a clean run down to the open finish on the main gravel road Vicinale della Zinghera.

This trail, although difficult can be ridden by most riders, depending on how much patience the rider has, as the best lines through each section can be learned.

This trail is around 4 km in length.

Date last maintained:  8 February 2012

MTB trail within the Bandite trail area

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This trail can be described as:  fast, flowing, hard, rocky, technical, varied, very_technical

3.00 stars as rated by 6 riders

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