MTB Trail Difficulty: difficult

Bandite trail area trail #48

Quercia Numerata

This is one of the most isolated trails, but it is fairly technical, long (5km) and down…

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Trail Description

This trail has only just been annouced and is riden very rarely, not because though it isn’t any good.

The trail starts below Tirli and Santa Anna. Using 47 you can get to the entrance in a wood storage opening. You must first climb upwards slightly for around 500 metres, then it is all downwards.

The trail is divided into two sections the first is a technical section of curves and rocky sections downwards, interspersed with flatter fast trail.

The rocky sections are steep and there is a loose covering of soil which will test your riding abilities.

The last of these sections the ground gets more compact and less rocky.

The trail changes to fast single track through the trees with a sandy base, sliding round corners is possible.

Finally the trail opens out, but it is still difficult and fast down, and you must choose the right line.

The trail finishes on a firebreak and continues downwards for another 2 km’s on open trail, the trail finally finishes near the main road to Castiligone della Pescaia on the far side of the trail area.

Date last maintained:  30 March 2013

MTB trail within the Bandite trail area

Tours this trail is featured on:  The Tough One,

This trail can be described as:  fast, flowing, rolling, steep_in_places, technical, very_technical

3.00 stars as rated by 9 riders

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