Trail Cleaning In Bandite Trail Area

There are about 25 good single trail descents in the Bandite Trail Area of which around 10 are used for professional racing at various times of the year. Springtime though is when the trail building team lead by Marco Tiberi is out preparing all the trails for the racing year. this year with the European Enduro Series and the Superenduro event, a focus has been on making sure that the same trails aren’t used twice, which means many more have been cleaned, for the benefit of all. Many local riders also go out and clean trails as well, it seems that inspiration has taken hold in the Bandite Trail Area.

Moving rocks cleaning lines, making sure all the branches that might be unhelpful are out of the way. Weeks and months go into the trail preparation for racing, with the benefit being a whole season of riding clean perfect trails for the rest of the year.


An inviting line down the hill.


The trail bases are sand and rock, well drained, very little mud, fast when dry.


How many lines are possible, flow or straight?


Most trails have a rock base and over time form into perfect cambers for easy going flow.


Cutting back the trees on apexes allows riders to use the whole trail surface and is particularly helpful for slower riders.


There are some rocky technical channels that allow a rider to test his precision line choice, the trail builders work on the base of the channels eliminating any V-Shape.


A perfect natural corner.

Natural Vs Built 
The key Characteristics of the Bandite is that the trails are all natural, all the trail team does is clean them, they don’t build jumps,  berms, or any other structure, the only modification tends to be drainage channels at key points, thus respecting the environment and the natural concept within the woods that has been present since people started biking.

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