Transition Company Visit and Ride with Andrea Bruno

Transition bikes are often linked in europe with Andrea Bruno and his Superenduro successes, however when Andrea bought along all the main guys from the factory in the USA, a whole lot of fun was to be had.

The group started out small and ended up with a few pro XC riders down from Switzerland, plus the usual suspects.

Riding with people who actually produce bikes gives an excellent insight into where the world of bike is going. Transition is a small company but has stormed the market with some distinctive products that perform well. We managed to speak to them and they gave us some interesting info on the bike world and what they are doing and where the mountain bike market is going.

How did you guys start?

We were working normal corporate marketing jobs and we loved riding, so we thought back in 2003, why don’t we start a bike company. It was a humble start with us starting out in a basement and then gradually moving to a bigger place and employing people. In fact we started paying others until we paid ourselves as we wanted to be sure what we started worked, then kept going.

Tell us about your carbon project?

Yes we just produced a carbon frame covert 26″, in-fact we only have 6 final production frames at the moment, one of which was stolen in Wales, so if you see it in the UK… Our full production run is coming soon, shortly followed by bikes being for sale in the shops. The carbon material is a great thing to work with, but needs a lot of care in production and time to finish, many people don’t realise. The material also allows us to produce a certain look that is not possible with aluminium. This tied with the performance characteristics of the material allows us to deliver a top product. Carbon is the material in the market that is now gaining traction and people like how it rides.

How did you find our trails?

They were a lot of fun, we liked the Loamy Tirli trail and 301, they were great. Flow is what we like, jumps and having fun. They were the best riding we have had so far in Italy. We like to pedal as well on the trails in Calaviolina. This weekend we are heading down to Rome to ride with Andrea on the Superenduro sprint trails.

Don’t you guys live close to whistler?

Yes, we do it is 2 hours away, but we don’t go there that often, it sounds crazy as we are next to one of the greatest bike parks in the world, but when you get used to having it on your door step you only ride when you feel like it. It is an amazing place and when we ride there we maybe only ride a few hours at a time, we highly recommend it as a place to learn push it and have a whole bunch of fun.

What is C.O.C.K and B.A.L.L.S?

It is our little joke at marketing terminology which describes the features you can find on our bikes.

Thanks guys! have a nice rest of trip.

Kyle, Darrel and Andrea chilling after a tough climb.

Sam… who is a god on a 29er…

Andrea showed them Rock-Oh…they said it was tough.

29er’s can jump.

Darrel is super fit and is one of the Transition riders storming the Oregon Enduro series.

“Best riding we done here in Italy, on this trip.” was the verdict.

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