Video: WideOpen Magazine at Punta Ala Trail Center

Earlier this year we were joined by Monet Adams and Tom Grundy who were at Punta Ala Trail Center to report on the superb trails and facilities for the UK online magazine, WideOpen Mag.

Well, now their report and video is out we can safely say that they enjoyed their time with us! They stayed in an ‘Easy’ level cabin - the most price effective option at the Trail Center’s base at PuntAla Camping Resort - and rode mostly pedal-only days in the saddle, with one day of uplifting.

Our cappuccino and pastry-fuelled morning was full of flying down these trails and dotting our way around the hill side to ride all the different options. The tracks all criss-cross and one section could be part of several different routes down to the sea. These tracks are the relics of the charcoal production that used to go on in these woods on a scale big enough to need a whole network of donkey and cart tracks to transport the charcoal away.

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