Trail “Quercia Numerata,” Rediscovered in Bandite.

Today we have re-opened a single track trail number 48/51 in the Bandite trail area it is called Quercia Numerata. It is fairly difficult and long, and it is also on the far side of the trail area.

This trail though is quite special as it is rarely ridden you can go full speed and enjoy the 5km total length down through fast wooded parts and also some rocky sections. It is hard to find and has elements of 30A in it and 44. Making it a good mix for all riders. Below is a short video of the trail and also a short video of a tough section where the rider wiped out… proving the difficulty of the trail.

Map details coming soon.

This is one of the most isolated trails, but it is technical, long (5km) and down…

Trail Video

A tough bit…

Hopefully we will get a few more people to try this trail and report back on their findings…

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